Business System

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Complete System

-100% Purchase Back Guarantee

- No Experience Necessary

- 6 Figure Income Potential

- Patented Technologies

- Ongoing Technical & Business Support

- 24/7 Support Website

- No Franchise Fees & No Ongoing Royalties

- Comprehensive Training & DVD Manual

System Tools

System ToolsWe have a variety of packages built for various kinds of cleaning companies, financing available...

Many companies will just sell you the equipment - and that's it, end of transaction. We do things a little differently, and provide ongoing support after we send you your tools...


" I never thought starting a new business could have been so smooth. I was really nervous about starting my business but since the adviser, who coached me, had real business experience using the same equipment he really knew what he was talking about. I didn’t feel that he was selling me complicated tile tools or something I didn’t need. All my questions were answered easily. I’ve already got jobs lining up because of my marketing tools."
Chris K. - Las Vegas Nevada




17905 Bothell Everett Highway
Mill Creek, WA 98012